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Code of Conduct for Managers

1. Managers are to be very effective in reporting his group works to upper level management.
2. Managers have to lead or delegatie his group to get good resolutions of the problems.
3. Managers put all his efforts to explore individual capabilities of his subordinates.
4. Managers are capable to speak more than one foreign language.
5. Managers are to be alerted on enhancing of his group's performance.
6. Managers are to be polite and pay respects to everyone.
7. Managers shall be a good listener in open mind with great patience.
8. Managers are always to be concerned on business values for the costs and prices.
9. Managers are to be analytical but not with complains and emotional upsets.
10. Managers shall be assured on the security in collecting of information from outside as well as keeping company secrets.

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