Company Information

Quality Guaranteed

Quality is the firstcommitment of CURO

Quality Assurance exists in every phase of the manufacture from design, procurement of materials to final products to make sure that every equipment be fabricated in strict accordance with the exact and specifications. As a result, out continuous efforts for Quality Assurance and Control, CURO has been authorized to use the worldwide ASME stamps, ISO 9001, PED and ML certificate

ISO 9001/14001/OHSAS 18001

  • ISO3834
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001

Certificate of Authorization for ASME (Ulsan 1 Plant, Ulsan 2 Plant, Ulsan 3 Plant)

  • 울산3공장 ASME Cert(U2)
  • 울산3공장 ASME Cert(U)
  • 울산3공장 ASME Cert(s)
  • 울산2공장 ASME Cert(U2)
  • 울산2공장 ASME Cert(U)
  • 울산2공장 ASME Cert(S)
  • 울산1공장 ASME Cert(U).
  • 울산1공장 ASME Cert(U2).
  • 울산1공장 ASME Cert(S).

Certificate of Authorization for ASME (Yeosu Plant)

  • 여수2공장 ASME Cert.(U)
  • 여수2공장 ASME Cert.(s)
  • 여수2공장 ASME Cert.(U2)

Certificate of N.B

  • 울산1공장 R Stamp
  • NB울산3공장
  • NB울산2공장
  • NB울산1공장
  • NB 여수2공장
  • 여수2공장 R Stamp

ML of China

  • 울산1,2공장 ML Boiler
  • 울산1,2공장 ML Pessure Vessel
  • 여수1,2공장 ML-Pressure Vessel