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Worldwide, refineries and chemical plants are working to trim costs and increase their competitive edge.
Improving heat exchanger effciency and logevity is an ongoing goal.
ABB IUMMUS Heat Transfer and High Performance Tube, Inc.(HPT) have teamed up to make these improvements possible with the HELIFIN heat exchangers, an advanced shell and tube heat exchanger using helical baffles on the shell side with low finned tube bundles.
More then 20,000 shell and tube exchangers have been designed and supplied by ABB Lummus Heat Transer over the last 60 years.
ABB's research and development, along with the ISO Lloyds certified quality system. ensures that its advanced equipment meets the requirements of the 21st Century.
High Performance Tube, Inc., founded in 1974, has developed the technology to design and manufacture Find-Fin² integrally low finned heat exchanger tube in refractory and reactive metals.
HPT has spent over a quarter of a century providing heat transfer solutions with Fine-Fin tube for the process industry worldwide.
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The HELIXCHANGER¹ heat exchanger is a shell and tube exchanger with quadrant shaped baffle plates positioned at an angle to the tube axis creating a helical flow pattern. The result is a more efficient conversion of pressure drop th heat transfer. The HELIFIN exchanger is a combination of helical baffles with Fine² integrally low finned tubes.

Fine-Fin tube provides up to 2.5 times more external surface area as compared to plain tubes. In corrosion resistant materials like titanium, the cost per square foot of heat transfer area is reduced by up to 50 percent. Fine-Fin tube can also be produced with internal ribs for improved tube-side heat transfer efficienty.

HELIFIN Heat Exchanger Tube Bundle in Fabrication

HELIFIN Heat Exchanger Tube Bundle in Fabrication

Titanium Fine-Fin Tube

Titanium Fine-Fin Tube

For additional information, or assistance with a specific application, please contact ABB Lummus Heat Transfer, or High Performance Tube, Inc.



Compared to conventional shell and tube heat ecchangers with plain tubing and segmental baffles, the HELIFIN exchanger offers several advantages

● Improved heat transfer efficiency
● Lower pressure drop
● Smaller size and weight
● Increased performance
● Lower installed and operation costs
● Effective protection against vibrations


Shell-side heat transfer and pressure drop are controlling parameters
● Space and weight are limited
● Debottlenecking an existing exchanger
● Flow induced vibration is a concern
● Seawater cooling is tube-side (titanium tubes required)

HELIFIN versus Conventional Exchager Design Typical Gas Cooling Service


● Offshore production : gas coolers (sea water tube-side)
● LNG : Refrigerant condensers/after-coolers
● Gas/Chemical plant : recuperators (gas-to-gas exchangers)
Refinery/Petrochemical plant : overhead condensers/gas coolers/preheaters