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Dimpled Tube Support (DTS) Technology

Key Elements Of The Technology
● Dimpled and corrugated straight strips of metal inserted in heat exchangers to reduce vibration
 and stiffen bundles.
 - Dimples provided on one end of a thin strip of metal.
 - Corrugations provided throughout remainder of strip.
● Both dimples and corrugations deflect each tube slightly.
● DTS strips inserted into Alternate Tube Lanes
● Tubes and DTS strip lock each other into place.
 - DTS stirps may be further secured through use of cables.

● DTS strips have been successfully implemented in all common tube layouts.
● DTS strips have been successfully fabricated in SS 304, Titanium, Duplex, Carbon Steel, Monel, and Brass.

Saddled Tube Supprot(STS) Technology

Key Elements Of The Technology
● Corrugated "twin" straight strips of metal inserted in heat exchangers to reduce vibration and stiffen bundles.
 - Saddels provided on thin strips of metal
 - Two identcal strips welded together to form a complete tub support.
● Saddles provided more contact areas with each tube than any other technology available on the market.
● Similar to DTS strips. STS strips are inserted into alternate tube lanes.
● Tube supports deflect each tube slightly.
● Provides very low resistance to axial shellside flow.

● Most suitable for finned tubes with softer metallurgy (e.g., Carbon Steel and Brass).
● Suitable for in-line arrangement.

Enhanced-Support Bundle (ESB) : A New Generation Of Heat Exchangers

● Tube bundle design provides most effective axial flow on shellside available in the industry.
● ESB technology provides substantial reduction in shellside pressure drop (up to 75%) compared to conventional, baffled exchangers.
 - Low Δp leads to substantial energy savings or capacity creep in gas circuits.
● Leads to simpler and more reliable tube loading.
 - Tube Support Casges(TSCs) fabricated with thinner spacers compared to tube spacing.
 - TSC count is 4 to 6 times smaller compared to other technologies on market.
 - Bundle stiffened with DTS or STS after tube loading.
● Leads to more robust and better vibration-resistant bundle than similar designs on market.
● ESB less expensive than other axial-flow exchangers on market.