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Implementation of DTS and STS Technologies

● DTS/STS and ESBs have been implemented in over 50 bundles in 15 plants.
● DTS provided quick repairs in more than 10 bundles that had already experienced tube damage.
● DTS avoided predicted tube damage in LNG, refinery, and chemical plants in over 40 bundles at new, increased throughputs.
 Som examples:
 - An LNG plant implemented DTS in 3 trains avoiding expensive shutdowns and significant unplanned production losses;
 same plant implemented DTS strips in U-Bends avoiding margin losses and high maintenance costs.
 - A chemical plant implement DTS strips in U-Bends avoiding margin losses and high maintenance costs.
 - A refinery implemented DTS in less than 10 days avoiding future shutdowns, margin losses, and maintenance costs.

Advantages of New Anti-Vibration Technologies

DTS and STS Technologies:
● Completely eliminate tube chatter.
● Substantially increase natural frequency of tubes.
● Extremely unlikely for tube supports to be dislodged or displaced during bundle handling or opration;
 this is a common problem experienced by other technologies on market.
● Suitable for vertical bundles as well - other technologies on market are highly questionable.
● Modified DTS offers an easier and lower-cost vibration mitigation option for U-bend region.
● U-bend DTS suitable for new U-tube bundles to reduce labor cost and fabrication time.

ESB Technology:
● Provides a low-cost alternative for exchangers with axial flow on shellside.
● Tube chatter is completely eliminated through use of DTS or STS, which are used to stiffen bundle.
● Avoids tube vibration damage.
● Leads to a substantial reduction in shellside pressure drop.

DTS Is The Only Technology Available For Vibration Mitigation In U-Bend Areas

DTS Use In Inlet And Straight Sections

ESB : A Simple, Reliable And Cost-Effective Solution For Exchangers With Axial Shellside Axial Flow